54005-05 Titan Labs Glass Gleam 4
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Chemical - Titan Labs - Glass Gleam 4 - (Blue in Color) - 5 Gallon Pail

$185.00 $175.00
You save: $10.00

SKU: 54005-05

Titan Labs


GG4 Glass Cleaner Concentrate

  • 1/4 oz. (a capful or two) per Gallon of Water-
    a Dilution Ratio of 1:500
  • Superior Wetting with almost no bleeding
  • Won't Harm Glass, Plastic, or Metal
  • Biodegradable - USDA Approved
  • Blue Color indicator when diluted
  • Reduces Squeegee Drag
  • Not as Concentrated as GG3 but a better degreaser with Excellent Squeegee Slip
  • Earth Friendly Technology 

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5 Gallon Pail 

GREEN Cleaner - Earth Friendly Technology 


1 Review

19th Jan 2011

Leave the dish soap for the wife

Dish soap is for dishes. This is a high grade, professional detergent that will give you unmatched "Gleam" on your glass. Whether you straight pull or swirl, this is the only detergent we've used since it came on the scene.

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