Descender - 4-Bar MIO Brake Rack Kit

MIO Brake Rack

full kit

Complete Kit

 Rack  bars

Stainless Steel Rack

Brake Bar Package
Includes 2 Long and
2 Short Aluminum Bars

 bars bars  bars


Aluminum Brake Bar
Long bar w/ Training Groove
and tie-off

Aluminum Brake Bar
Short bar w/o groove

 Aluminum Brake Bar
Long bar w/o groove

MIO Rack with
4 Aluminum Brake Bars

Use with 7/16" or 1/2" Rope

Equipped with 3/18" stainless steel bar rack frame and 1" diameter aluminum Brake Bars (for extra friction), Rappel Racks are the most common type of descenders in the field. The rack and bar systems allow the user to control rate of descent by varying the amount of friction by changing spacing between bars and changing the amount of bars being used.

Complete rack consist of:

MIO-RP-B1-A - 2 bar
MIO-RP-B3-A-TieOff - 1 bar
MIO-RP-B3-A - 1 bar
3/8" Stainless Steel Rack Frame MIO-RP-U-S-RR1SHORT


4 Bar Package consist of:

MIO-RP-B1-A - 2 bar
MIO-RP-B3-A-TieOff - Tie off bar with training groove - 1 bar
MIO-RP-B3-A - 1 bar



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