Moerman 18" Liquidator Channel 2.0 Moerman 18" Liquidator Channel 2.0
Moerman 18" Liquidator Channel 2.0
Moerman 18" Liquidator Channel 2.0
$11.55 - $16.00 $10.98 - $15.22

Moerman Liquidator 2.0 Clipless Standard Rounded Aluminum Channel

$11.55 - $16.00 $10.98 - $15.22

SKU: 232xx-xxC




Moerman Liquidator 2.0 Channel


  • This channel has stronger clips
  • Made out of super strong plastic so that it wont break on you
  • This channel is more friction resistant
  • Still has permanent fixed end clips
  • Efficiency:
    • The Dura-Flex rubber is supported all the way until the plastic tips
    • Reduces cloth prepping and detailing significantly
  • Amazing Results
    • Amazing results with less effort
    • No water residues in corners and edges
  • Safe
    • No need to reach out with a cloth (eg on a ladder)
    • No damage to the window frames thanks to the high grade moulded plastic tips
  • Ergonomics
    • Lightweight aluminum channel for easy and precise handling
    • Light pressure channel for increased speed and performance
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Standard Body Round Rubber Clipless Style



6 Reviews

Glenn Thompson 18th Oct 2022

Great Channel

Borrowing a friend's tools previously, I used this channel with limited success, but maybe 14" is the right size for me. It works like John Henry. Good and fast.

BV WC 9th Jul 2022

TOO Annoying just to save a couple seconds

Aside from the clips falling off, the special cut rubber you have to buy and the fact it doesn't fit in all BOAB styles, this is worthless just to save a couple seconds of using a finishing towel. Our guy wanted one so we got him one, we warned him it won't last, I have been cleaning for 22 years, just use a towel.

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