Unger Washed Scrim Towel
Unger Washed Scrim Towel
Unger Washed Scrim Towel
Unger Washed Scrim Towel

Towels - Unger Washed Scrim 36" x 36" - Each



Discontinued by Unger

abc obtained these directly from Europe and we had to sell it at a higher price.  We asked Unger to stock here in the United States, and they are now available at a lower price.



Use for detail work on glass; polishing, cleaning and drying frames.

Available in washed (faster break-in time) and unwashed. Very absorbent.



11 Reviews

12th Nov 2016

use the scrim its amazing!

I used to clean windows in Scotland 15 years ago and every window cleaner used scrims just like ABC supples scrims. Im so glad I found them over here in this country. You can clean many windows without swapping out for a dry one, sometimes a whole job. I use them for wiping the end of the glass after iv squeegeed, They are larger but not to much and can hold a lot of water, very little lint, if any and will last at least a couple of years. Definitely a must for pro window cleaners or even home owners. And yes you have to wash it before using.

29th Sep 2016

Practical Size; Perfect For Cutting If Pre-washed

Easy to use, however must wash before using. Durable fabric and perfect size.

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