Twin Flow WaterFed® Pure Water System TS2800
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Triple Crown Twin Flow WaterFed® Pure Water Cleaning System

$2,100.00 $1,975.00
You save: $125.00

SKU: TS2800

Triple Crown

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Triple Crown Twin Flow WaterFed® Pure Water System

The Triple Crown Twin Flow Multi-Stage WaterFed® System creates pure water at a remarkable rate, enough to easily clean five and six-story windows without the need for a pump. This unit is ideal for those without access to power. The Twin Flow cart has no need for a power outlet, it runs on the pressure coming out of the tap. It is able to achieve 1.622 gallons a minute because of the two large RO filters which run simultaneously, essentially doubling the work of the system. Best of all, the cart can be wheeled almost anywhere it’s needed.  

This unit is designed to get the maximum amount of pure water possible when there is no access to a power outlet. The double RO filters are what allow this to happen. When the tap water enters the system, it begins the purifying process by working its way through the Carbon/ Sediment filter. The water then enters the two RO filters where most of the purifying process happens. The final water impurities are captured by the DI filter. RO filters do the majority of the purifying, and by having two working concurrently, there is little resistance from the RO DI WaterFed® System. This allows you to take full advantage of the tap water pressure to achieve pure water cleaning without the need for a pump. 

This WFP System is equipped with a durable powder coated steel frame with 10-inch run flat tires making it very portable. It is easily transferred into and out of a work van by one person. The larger wheels and wide stance allows it to be easily transported over a variety of landscaping materials. While this system is ideal for one or more people, and for frequent use for cleaning 1-6 stories without needing a pump, adding a pump can give you additional power. In need of more versatility and reach, a stand-alone hose reel can also be added. Triple Crown systems are top quality and sold manufacturer direct, saving you money! abc stocks and supports all parts. 



  1. 49"H x 20"W x 21"D - 75lbs
  2. 4 Stage Multi-Filter System.
  3. Durable Steel Frame. Easy To Transport.
  4. All Parts Stocked And Supported By abc!




  • WF2CSC-21 -- (1) - 21 inch Carbon/Sediment Filter Cartridge
  • WF3CRO-40 -- (2) - 40 inch RO Filter Cartridge
  • WF2CDI-21 -- (1) - 21 inch DI Filter Cartridge




Replacement Parts


Included With Purchase

  • Twin Flow System With Filters
  • TDS Meter
  • Shutoff Valve
  • Bypass Regulator Tube
  • Owner's Manual

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