Unger Hydropower DI 12 WaterFed® Pure Water System
$545.81 $447.56
You save: $98.25

Unger Hydropower DI 12 WaterFed® Pure Water System

$545.81 $447.56
You save: $98.25





Unger Hydropower DI 06 Pure Water System

The Unger HydroPower DI 06 Pure Water System is a DI pure water unit perfect for the professional window cleaner. It weighs 24lbs, and has no need for a power outlet, it runs on the pressure coming out of the tap. This DI system can produce up to 0.414 gallons of purified water per minute based on water hardness. The HydroPower DI 06 utilizes 1 QuickChange resin bags, Unger’s unique filtration system, for easy on the spot change. Unger’s FloWater Technology ensures more efficient flow of water through the entire vessel. 

This WFP System is easily transferred into and out of a work van by one person. It is best for frequent use cleaning 1-3 stories without needing a pump, or for areas with very low TDS. 



  1. 14"H x 13”W x 12”D - 24lbs
  2. DI Filter System.
  3. Easy Change Resin Bags




  • HPB06 -- QuickChange Resin Bag
  • HPB24 -- QuickChange Resin Bag (4 Pack)


1 Review

29th Dec 2016

Great Product

This system is great for any window cleaner. Great water flow, long DI life,excellent size and portability. Operation cost is low. I am glad I switched from a NXT system. Yes it comes with one bag of resin

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