abc's Response to COVID-19

At abc, we’re committed to helping the businesses and communities we serve in good times and bad. To date, abc has not experienced any disruptions due to COVID-19, as we are still at full capacity and will ship packages to you at our normal high level of service. The situation is rapidly changing, and abc is monitoring updates so that we can respond to support our customers and keep our staff safe. Follow us on social media – Facebook, Instagram – to stay connected and for any further updates. 

This is a challenging time for the industry. We are committed to overcoming the obstacles that we are facing together and will continue to communicate any updates effectively. Below are resources for you to minimize the impact of the Coronavirus on your business and family.

Thank you to everyone! Stay healthy and safe! - Everyone at abc

jacob Wallace and his daughter Merrick talking window cleaning supply strategy!
Jacob Wallace (VP abc) and his daughter Merrick talking
window cleaning supply strategy!

Useful Business Oriented Links:

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Can you add anything to your window cleaning solution to disinfect glass?

  • Dish soaps and wetting agents leave a residue behind which can trap microbes. 

  • Quaternary agents such as bleach are what is needed to “kill” viruses. However, due to safety hazards and legal issues, they should NEVER be added to your window cleaning soap. Learn more here

What is the best way to clean windows with virus removal in mind?

  • Professional window cleaning soaps such as abc Glisten, Titan Glass Gleam 3 and 4.

  • Deionized water

  • ***Using dish soaps and wetting agent additives to soaps will leave a residue behind and therefore potentially trap virus particles.

Learn more with this in depth blog post, click here.