Ready for another giveaway?

We are looking to giveaway a Phaser WaterFed® system AND a Triple Crown Silver 35' pole. Interested?

phaser.jpg + silverpole.jpg

Here's How to Enter: 

  • Complete any and all surveys that apply to your Window Cleaning Business
  • Each completed survey will count as an entry for the giveaway

  • One entry per survey 


Easy right? It's about to get even better:

  • Throughout the giveaway time frame (giveaway ends 05/27/19), we will be releasing more surveys for even more ways to enter. Surveys will be published on this page and our Facebook, so continue to keep an eye on those pages.


  • Contestants must reside in the CUSA or Canada
  • Giveaway ends 05/27/2019
  • Not seeing the topic you'd like to discuss? Email with your survey topics and if it becomes a survey, you'll receive an extra entry into the giveaway! 
  • Winner will be chosen at random, more entries will have a better chance to win
  • Please complete survey with thorough information
  • If you buy a Phaser and Pole during the contest and then win, we'll refund your purchase!