W04010D Pulex Hip Bucket
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Hip Bucket -- Pulex - Blue Tubex - Detachable Loop - Complete

SKU: W04010D



This extra resistant polypropylene hip bucket has three squeegee compartments and one washer compartment. This hip bucket will allow your washer to stay wet and ready to use, without dripping water all over the place. Has a detachable loop that makes it easy to snap on and off your belt and a blue string that ties around your leg to prevent the water from splashing. Hangs a little lower then the fixed loop. The hip bucket can be worn on the left or right side of your tool belt.

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1st Dec 2016


Doesn't hold squeegees securely, the handles flop around which could potentially knock something over while cleaning inside windows. Also the double rivet design doesn't allow the bucket to hang down evenly and is really annoying. Have to take whole belt off to remove the bucket. Not very well thought out. I'll go back to Unger's design, it's compatable with all the squeegee handles I use.

10th May 2014


Unlike the one squeegee holder this has two rivets that does not allow the bucket to pivot, hence the leg gets wet. Not the best tool.

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