Moerman 18" Liquidator Channel 2.0
Moerman 18" Liquidator Channel 2.0
Moerman 18" Liquidator Channel 2.0
Moerman 18" Liquidator Channel 2.0
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Moeman Liquidator 2.0 Clipless Standard Rounded Aluminum Channel

$11.20 $10.23
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Moerman Liquidator 2.0 Channel

This channel is the newest version of the wonderful Liquidator channel. 

  • This channel has stronger clips
  • Made out of super strong plastic so that it wont break on you
  • This channel is more friction resistant
  • Still has permanent fixed end clips
  • Efficiency:
    • The Dura-Flex rubber is supported all the way until the plastic tips
    • Reduces cloth prepping and detailing significantly
  • Amazing Results
    • Amazing results with less effort
    • No water residues in corners and edges
  • Safe
    • No need to reach out with a cloth (eg on a ladder)
    • No damage to the window frames thanks to the high grade moulded plastic tips
  • Ergonomics
    • Lightweight aluminum channel for easy and precise handling
    • Light pressure channel for increased speed and performance
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Standard Body Round Rubber Clipless Style



2 Reviews

29th Mar 2018

Pretty good

Recently purchased and i love that it leaves nothing behind on window edges but it does wear down the ends of the rubber quite quickly and because of the end clips doesn't fit as tight in the top of the window as traditional channels. Purchased with moerman excelerator handle which im not very pleased with and will use this channel with one of my ettore handles in the future. I also do not care for the moerman soft rubber that came with it because of streaking but with a little effort an ettore rubber did fit which improved performance a lot. Very pleased with ABC as a new customer

11th Sep 2017

Tried it, immediately switched back to my Unger Ninja 18"

The channel and rubber are incompatible. They don't go well together. If it weren't for the return policy being what it is and having to go through the hassle of paying shipping back to the seller AND paying a restocking fee of what it is...I'd send it back. I just choose not to give more money for this utter garbage. The combinators I bought in addition to this "cleaning" product all are pretty much the same. I used the rubber in other brands of channels and it works fine. It's the hardware that's the disappointment here. Moerman? More like more, man....more value for my money. I didn't get it here.

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