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WaterFed ® - Pure Water System - NXT


The first completely upgradeable WaterFed® cart.

Start from any version and upgrade as needed.


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NXT - 1.0 NXT - 2.0 NXT - 3.0 NXT - 4.0 NXT - 5.0

Available in five versions, you can get the version that fits your needs. If your needs change in the future, you don’t have to buy a whole new cart... Simply upgrade to the next version! 


NXT - 1.0

The basic version, designed for people just getting into WaterFed. It has two DI Filters, an economic choice for users that work infrequently with WaterFed. It is small and lightweight, giving you great portability.



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NXT - 2.0


Version 2 has everything from version 1, plus a hose reel with 150’ Pole Tubing. This cart is perfect for infrequent users, or where portability is key, but extended reach is still needed. Hose reel is easily removed when needed.



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NXT - 3.0

Version 3 adds multi-stage filtration. For frequent users this greatly reduces the cost per gallon. Version 3 includes one carbon, one DI, and two RO filters. Includes hose reel with 150’ Pole Tubing.




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NXT - 4.0

Version 4 is the complete NXT. It includes multi-stage filtration, a hose reel with 150’ Pole Tubing, and a pump. For frequent users, the cost per gallon is greatly reduced from a simple DI system. The pump allows you to reach higher windows than you normally can with tap pressure.


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NXT - 5.0

Version 5 adds a 4 stage filtration system comprised of, Sediment and Carbon filtration, Reverse Osmosis, and a Deionization cannister to create pure mineral free water. The result is a fast, easy, and safer way to clean windows. Includes hose reel with 150’ Pole Tubing.




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