GO06 The Babe 6" Washer
GO06 The Babe 6" Washer
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abc The Babe Black Complete 06"

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The 6" BABE 

Great for French Panes!

Together with a T-Bar this little baby is great for doing French Pane cut-ups.

Several of our customers sent us examples of modified washers. They would cut down a larger plastic T-Bar and their wives would sew up the corners of an old sleeve.

We sent it out to a helpful manufacturer and bingo...the 6" washer was born.

The babe comes NOW standard with a Soaker Sleeve ®. Other style sleeves may be purchased separately.


The Babe 6" with Sleeve
measures approximately 7-3/4"

5 Reviews

Mike 9th Aug 2022


Love this handy little applicator Works awesome!

Vince 1st Oct 2016

Like it!

It holds a good amount of moisture and the handle sure does beat having to take the sleeves off and use them without a handle as the bigger sleeves don't fit the pane size. I would just fold the sleeves and use them like a sponge/rag. But again, I like the 6" handle.

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