CAUTION CUT HAZARD. Sharp Blade. Scrapers have functional sharp edges. Contact may result in injury. Handle with care.




What Are Scrapers And Why Do You Need Them?

Scrapers, sometimes referred to as window scrapers, window cleaning razor, or window and glass scraper or blade, are an essential tool in a window cleaner’s tool belt. They easily remove paint, tape, stickers and construction debris like stucco or caulk from walls, windows, tiles, and glass. 

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Scrapers for professional window washers are manufactured in multiple sizes to allow the window washer the best possible choice for a job. The 5 and 6-inch scraper tools are amongst the most popular, but they can be found in 3 and 4-inch sizes as well. 

Attributes Of Scrapers: Size



Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for a window cleaning scraper with blades consist of cover, blade and insert track. The cover is used to protect the blade from unnecessary wear or damage while also protecting the window cleaner from bodily harm. Blades, like scrapers, come in multiple sizes. Purchasing the correct size blade for your window scraper is essential. Blades will not work with a scraper that is not the same size. The blade is placed on the insert track, and this combination is slid into the head of the scraper. The insert track keeps the blade steady and secure within the scraper tool. 

Attributes Of Scrapers: Replacement Parts



Angle Of Scraper

To help facilitate the ease of removing challenging debris, the head of a window scraper will be either flat, angled, or bent forward. These options allow the window cleaner to choose the best alternative for the job. 

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Special Features

Some professional window cleaning scrapers are unique in that they are adjustable or retractable. Professional scrapers that are adjustable allows the head to be maneuvered so that it can be flat or bent at an angle, letting the window washer choose which angle will work best at any moment. Retractable scrapers allow the blade to be retracted into the head of the scraper tool when not in use, bypassing the need for a cover. 

Attributes Of Scrapers: Special Features


Double Edge & Regular Blades

Double edge blades allow the window cleaner to flip the blade over when one side becomes dull from use, thereby utilizing both sides of the blade before having to discard it. Regular blades are single sided and cannot be flipped.



Holsters are designed to cut down on the time it takes to access a scraper when working. Some holsters, such as the holster for the Unger Ninja, allow the window cleaner to quickly holster the scraper without the need to replace the cover. In this option, the holster protects the blade and the window washer while cutting down on time it takes to secure and protect the blade.  

Attributes Of Scrapers: Holsters


Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Blades

Blades are commonly available in stainless steel or carbon steel. Carbon steel is preferred for heavy use because it’s thicker and slightly stronger. Stainless steel blades are more flexible and more resistant to rust but aren’t quite as sharp. Stainless steel blades are only recommended if you scrape occasionally.


Single Edge Scraper

The single edge scraper is a small, palm-sized, scraper often with a retractable blade. Because of its compact size and ease of use, it is a favorite choice amongst window cleaners.  

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How To Scrape

How to scrape a window is just as important as choosing the right scraper. It’s critical to remember to only scrape on wet glass. Adding a lubricant soap will help even more. Only push a scraper; never pull it back. Apply even pressure holding the blade flat against the glass. Approach edges slowly to avoid cutting caulk or damaging frames. Never scrape windows with film tint applied unless your purpose is to remove that film. The scraper will cut it and even lift it off the glass.  

How To Scrape


Dangers Of Scratching Glass

A scraper’s blade will not scratch glass when appropriately used because glass is harder than the blade. However, the rusty blade of a window cleaning scraper can scratch glass. It’s also important to take into account never to scrape windows with film tint applied unless your purpose is to remove that film. The cleaning scraper will cut it and even lift it off the glass.



Alternatives To Scrapers

A professional window scraper is an essential tool for any window washer, but it’s always good to have an alternative to a scraper on hand for those unique moments when a scraper alone won’t cut it. Steel and bronze wool, white pads, chemical stain removers, and other abrasives are commonly used on glass and offer the window washer choices for challenging jobs. 

Alternatives To Scrapers








Scrapers are the perfect tool for cleaning debris from windows that can’t be removed by just washing them. The window cleaning industry offers a variety of options, in size and material, as well as complementary accessories for ease of use. Whatever the job might be, there is a perfect scraper out there for it.


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