85000 Ettore 6 Gallon Rectangular Bucket
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Bucket -- Ettore - 6 Gallon Rectangular - Yellow - Each

$25.00 $24.14
You save: $0.86

SKU: 85000-B



In August 2007 Ettore introduced a new Super Bucket design at a much lower price!

This bucket is designed for the professional window cleaner. Holds up to 6 gallons of water and your favorite cleaning solution and will fit up to an 18" washer. This bucket comes with the handle and it DOES NOT HAVE FINS ON THE INSIDE TO HOLD TOOLS.


Available Accessories:

2967 - Ettore Replacement Handle
85100 - Ettore Grey Snap- On Lid
85200-04 - Ettore Set of 4 Casters
85301 - Ettore Plastic Drain Sieve
85500 - Ettore Super Bucket Works- Bucket with all the Accessories




Accessories are not interchangeable with the older Super Bucket
(except Replacement Handle)

3 Reviews

16th Jan 2019

Ettore Bucket

What happened to Ettore??? Used to be the best bucket with lid and sieve combo and now it's trash! The lid doesn't even fit as it is made just a bit too small, the new bucket doesn't have the fins to hold in the sieve so every time you dump your water the sieve just falls right out- Ettore needs to return to the old style and MAYBE I'll come back, moving to Pulex. Wish I could've given this trash 0 stars.

25th Aug 2017

Bucket Sucks

My old style bucket #81111 has finally given out, I had purchased some newer buckets #85000 and find them to be CHEAPLY made, the old buckets would take a licking, however the new buckets break super easily. I also miss the interior "fins" that the sieve would fit on, as they also kept water from sloshing around in the bucket. The price difference isn't enough in my opinion. Guess if I got to go with cheap, I might as well save a couple bucks and go with Pulex. What a shame, I really like the old bucket better.

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