B52-01 BIO Clean Stain Remover
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Chemical - Stain Remover - Bio Clean

$32.00 - $330.00 $29.99 - $311.00

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Net weight: 48 Ounce Containers


Water Stain Remover

Effectively removes water & mineral stains, rust, tree sap, paint over spray, soap scum and mildew from glass and other surfaces. Apply directly onto surface pressing firmly. Rinse with water until the surface is residue free and dry with cloth. Repeat as needed until the surface is clean.

Professional Strength

  • USDA approved
  • Thick Paste
  • Do not use on any surface that is harmed
    by use of a mild abrasive.
  • For glass -- Apply with a cloth, sponge, brush, white pad or electric buffer to glass.
  • Other Surfaces -- Showers, porcelain, tiles -- use an abrasive pad or sponge suitable to type of surface.




1 Review

19th Jan 2011

A real workhorse

BioClean is one of our go-to cleaners for hard water removal. This chem rides in every one of our trucks. Many times, it has pulled off what others didn't!

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