8113 Miller Descent Device
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Descender -- Cylinder Descent Device - Miller

$306.00 $284.00
You save: $22.00

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Miller Descent Device


The Miller Manual Descent Device is designed for a variety of applications where smooth, controlled descent from an elevated position is required. The device, controlled by the user, allows for making descent fast or slow; decelerating and stopping by applying slight outward pressure on the free end of the line; and locking in a stationary position for a hands-free work environment.

The speed of descent depends on the number of times the work line is wrapped around the mandrel and the manual tension applied to the end of the line by the user.


  • 1 lb, 11 oz. 


  • Miller only recommends this device be used with Miller Brand Polyester Braided Descent Rope.


  • Steel mandrel
  • Aluminum sleeve

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1 Review

3rd Jul 2016

simply the best cylinder out there!

First off I have over 15 years experience on this device. The only choice for high rise repealing, the bottom lock off is incredible on buildings 40 to 50 stories high, so much better then a rack, it saves me so much energy and arm fatigue. single lock off is good for 20 and up. double lock for 20 and down. the only draw back to cylinders is that there is a birds nest at the bottom if there is too much rope on the ground. it creates a lot of twist.

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