SM12301 SMC Brake Bar
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Descender -- SMC - Brake Bar - Top Bar - Stainless Steel - 1" with Tie Off Bar

$38.50 $37.95
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SKU: SM12301



1" Stainless Steel



 Descender -- SMC - Rack Part - 1" Tie Off Bar

An extra large (1'' diameter) ''hyper bar'' with extension and pin making locking off easier as well as providing additional friction when needed.

Use this bar in place of a ''regular'' top bar and the resulting tie off is less likely to slip yet it is easier to undo in order to resume your descent.

The bar is hollow stainless steel to better dissipate heat and to stand up to the high wear associated with long descents or repeated use over an extended time period.
Weight: 5.2 oz.

SMC products designed strictly for rescue, mountaineering or rock-climbing. All of these activities are inherently dangerous. Therefore any person using these items must obtain qualified instruction prior to using them in any manner. Any person using these items is responsible for their own decisions and actions. FAILURE TO HEED THIS WARNING or FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAN CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH

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