DI WaterFed Filter
DI WaterFed Filter
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DI Snap-In Filter WaterFed ® - Filter - abc - 4" x 21"

$126.00 $119.95
You save: $6.05



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4 x 21" ABC replacement DI Filter

Virgin Mixed Bed Resin. Pre-filled cartridge is less messy and much easier and faster to change than a sock.

Expected life of 20,000 gallons at 100TDS when paired with an RO in a multi-filtration system (can vary based on other factors).


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2nd Aug 2019

Great portable unit.

It's a great little system for SUV vehicles. Coupled with a Triple Crown pole....I've cleaned hundreds of homes with ease. Great results in Utah's hard water. Lasts about 8000 gallons here with a 190 tds. The pricing is way to high. Come on guys. No breaks on products except in bulk doesn't make for good client happiness or relationships.

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