2005-01-S Ettore 12" Floor Scraper
$14.20 $12.99
You save: $1.21

Ettore Floor Scraper With 12-inch Handle And 4-inch Scraper

$14.20 $12.99
You save: $1.21

SKU: 2005-S



The Ettore Floor Scraper with its extended reach is the perfect solution for removing paint, tape, stickers and construction debris like stucco or caulk from walls, windows, tiles, and glass. This 4-inch Scraper features a 12-inch long handle with rubberized comfort handle that helps to reduce back and knee strain. This scraper features a 4-inch angled head. This scraper comes with a 4-inch double-edged reversible stainless steel blade that is blunt on one side and sharp on the other to handle the most caked-on deposits. Replacement parts and accessories can be found below. The Ettore 4-inch heavy duty floor scraper with its 12-inch long handle and a reversible double-edged blade is perfect for removing tape, gum, and grit from glass while reducing back and knee strain. Includes one blade and a protective cover.  



80 degree side-to-side angle


0 degree front-to-back angle




Replacement Parts

  • 20291-B -- 4" Stainless Steel Replacement Blades - Pack of 10


Looking For Scraper Holsters?

CAUTION Cut Hazard. Sharp Blade. Scrapers have functional sharp edges. Contact may result in injury. Handle with care.  

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