WCK-24 Window Cleaning Kit
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High Reach Kit 34'

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This Kit will clean most out of reach second story, third story work, and some fourth. Measure your highest window to see if this kit will reach. Bushs, mountain slopes, etc. will affect reachability. Includes a visa versa, which allows you to wash glass with one side then flip and squeegee with the other side.


  • 30' Five Part Triple Crown Teleplus Extension Pole (5x6')
  • 14" BackFlip Combo Tool (16" Squeegee & 14" Washer)
  • 8 Ounce abc glass cleaner measuring bottle
  • Two extra 16" Replacement Rubbers for squeegee
  • Two abc MicroFiber Towels
  • Book - Clean Windows Like the Pros


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Book - Clean Windows Like the Pros 




Kit & Book

1 Review

2nd Nov 2019

Works as expected

Everything in the kit appears to be of very high quality, sturdy, and durable. We tested out the pole with attached squeegee and sponge to clean some very high windows today (roughly 3 stories up). The pole understandably has some sway and wiggle to it when your working at that distance, but all told, it held up well and we were able to get three large windows clean that likely had never been cleaned since the home was built 30+ years ago. Really the biggest challenge is lowering the pole to wet the sponge and then raising it back up again to wash the window. It took two of us to make it work but with the specialized bucket that we also purchased from abc, it was doable. The sponge is easily attached and removed with sturdy velcro attachments so I can wash and dry it between uses.

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