Sufficient safety training is required on all jobs to be compliant with OSHA and keep people safe. But, sometimes, it’s less than clear what training is needed. Fortunately, there are several excellent options for high rise window cleaning safety training!


Rope Descent and Rope Access Training

Until recently, the only comprehensive hands-on training option was rope access training, traditionally through SPRAT. Many view a SPRAT certification as the gold standard, and rightly so. With a week of intensive training followed by written and hands-on tests evaluated by a third party, it is the best of the best. In SPRAT, you’ll learn rope descending and ascending, advanced rescues, and a diversity of other valuable on-rope skills. However, for most highrise window cleaning, this level of training is overkill. It covers many skills that you’ll never use, takes a worker out of service for an entire week, and requires a more specialized set of gear than the average highrise cleaner uses.



Peak Rescue Training

Peak Rescue has put together a window cleaning specific course covering only the sections of rope access that apply to window cleaning. The average window cleaner is performing rope descent where they go down a rope but won’t need to go back up or side to side. The course is only 2-3 days, the content is flexible, and uses gear commonly employed by a highrise technician. For some, this is a great course that will give all of the foundational skills needed. For others, taking this course will be an introduction to rope access which will eventually lead to taking a SPRAT course. Peak Rescue offers their Controlled Descent & Rescue Training course for window cleaners and a SPRAT course for those that want to go further. You can take the course in their Wyoming location or have them travel to you. Contact Peak Rescue to see about pricing and availability.

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IWCA Training

Another standard training option for highrise window cleaning is to get trained with the International Window Cleaning Association. Their training includes classroom discussion of highrise and lowrise safety. They recently released a guide for Safe Practices for RDS and training for Authorized & Certified Rope Descent Systems. You can find out more about pricing and availability at the IWCA website.

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