Hip Bucket -- Triple Crown - Detachable Loop - Blue Hip Bucket -- Triple Crown - Detachable Loop - Orange Hip Bucket -- Triple Crown - Detachable Loop - inside
Hip Bucket -- Triple Crown - Detachable Loop - Blue
Hip Bucket -- Triple Crown - Detachable Loop - Orange
Hip Bucket -- Triple Crown - Detachable Loop - inside
$20.00 $18.95
You save: $1.05

Hip Bucket -- Triple Crown - Detachable Loop - Choose Color

$20.00 $18.95
You save: $1.05


Triple Crown


As a professional window cleaner, you know that time is money and your window cleaning supplies have the ability to either make you money or lose it. Triple Crown is proud to make these fully detachable hip buckets that easily separate from your tool belt, without the hassle of taking off your belt at all. This belt bucket makes it easy to quickly move from window to window with your cleaning solution, squeegee, and washer right by your side. They are designed with three squeegee compartments and one washer compartment. Your hip bucket holds your window cleaning essentials and it is important to get the best hip bucket that fits your needs. Triple Crown hip buckets have a string on the bottom of the bucket that attaches to your leg to minimize the amount of swashing water which becomes crucial to upholding good customer relationships. We put a lot of effort into the details such as adding feet that allow for you to stand this hip bucket on the ground without it falling over and making it able to be used on either the left or right side. With all of that, it's still one of the least expensive hip buckets on the market. While the fully detachable version of the Triple Crown Hip Bucket falls lower on your leg than some other hip buckets, you'll find that this hip bucket is a must have with any professional window cleaner that is serious about saving time and making money. For those that prefer a belt bucket that sits higher, consider the Triple Crown Semi-Detachable Hip Bucket.


Please note that the color option YELLOW has been discontinued as of 12/4/2020.

Will Your Channel Fit This Hip Bucket?
Ettore Master BrassEttore Stainless SteelUnger CliplessSteccone AluminumMoerman LiquidatorWagtailWIDEBODY- Ettore Super ChannelWIDEBODY- Unger NinjaWIDEBODY- Sorbo Black MambaWIDEBODY- Sorbo Quick SilverWIDEBODY- Sorbo Cobra
FITS FITS FITS FITS FITS FITS FITS FITS* *Becomes Tight At The Bottom FITS FITS FITS* *Becomes Tight At The Bottom
  • Clip Style: Detachable

  • Hip Bucket Orientation: Both

  • Fits: Standard, Wide, Wagtail, Moerman Liquidator

  • Special Features: Stabilizing Leg String

  • Squeegee Compartments: Three 

  • Washer Compartments: One


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8 Reviews

matt 6th Jan 2022

great for the price

Ive been using these for years and they are just consistent. they usually produce about 20K in route before they crack in the colder months or the loop lets go in the summer months and double $$$ that if used for strictly residential.

Engbert Wentink 11th Aug 2018

Faint praise...

This is the best hip bucket I have tried, but unfortunately that's damning by faint praise. It's the best of a bad lot. First, the bucket hangs too low. I had a customer who is a cobbler adjust the length of the strap on his heavy duty sewing machine. Second, the 3 slots are nice, but you can only use the first two of them if you use wide channel squeegees. The back one will jam up against the handle of the middle one. Finally, will somebody PLEASE make a hip bucket that will properly accommodate a 24" squeegee? Simply extending the middle squeegee slot to the bottom of the hip bucket would do the trick and help out the growing number of window cleaners who have realized that you can work a whole lot faster fanning a window with a 24" squeegee than you can with an 18" squeegee.

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