TC-YHB Triple Crown Yellow Hip Bucket
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Hip Bucket -- Triple Crown - Yellow - Detachable Loop



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Another product in the Triple Crown line. This extra resistant polypropylene hip bucket has three squeegee compartments and one washer compartment.

This hip bucket allows your washer to stay wet and ready to use, without dripping water all over the place. Has a detachable loop that makes it easy to snap on and off your belt and a blue string that ties around your leg to prevent the water from splashing. The bucket can be worn on the left or right side of your tool belt.


Available in 3 Colors:


1 Review

16th May 2016

bad design

The three holes for squeegees are shallow and do not drain to main container so they fill up with water quickly and your tools have to be dried off every time you pull them out and use them

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