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HRSS October 4-6, 2021 Salt Lake City, UT

Sponsor the High Rise Speed Suspension Competition to be a part of the event of the year. With window cleaning events gearing up to return to in person, people are already buzzing about HRSS Competition. Registration is open and can be accessed using the link above or below. Limited sponsorships available, let the competitions begin! 

About abc Events

For HRSS, abc has a social media strategy, unique branding including an illustration by Auberon Design,  as well as paid advertisement. The event will be hosted at the incredible Petzl Technical Institue in Utah, surrounded by a ton of extra things to outdoors with the family. 

abc is well versed in window cleaning events. With the success of the "Wash & Learn" WaterFed® events since it's inception in 2019, over 250 have learned how to change systems filters, daily mainatence, and how to get the ideal WF cleaning. That means more qualified window cleaners out in the world.

Click on the link to learn more about sponsor opportunities.  Registration for sponsorships opens on 05/31/21 and is on a first come first serve basis. Only companies that don't compete with abc Window Cleaning Supply (no supply companies) or Petzl (no safety equipment manufacturers) can be sponsors. Specific details of perks included with each sponsorship level are subject to change though abc will work to keep overall sponsorship opportunities equivalent in case of substitutions. Payment is due after registration and is non-refundable.

Sponsorship Tiers 

Happy Hour Sponsor

One Company has the opportunity to host the happy hour that includes announcing the winners of all the competitions held at the High Rise Speed Suspension Competition. Perks also include:

  • Toast during the happy hour (toast includes shot glasses and a shot of whiskey for all attendees)
  • Logo/ graphics on screens during happy hour
  • Table during scheduled vendor time
  • Item in the swag bag each registered ticket holder receives
  • Company logo on t-shirt
  • Two complimentary tickets
  • Company logo on swag bag

Exhibition Sponsor

Set up a table to promote your company to attendees during the exhibition on Tuesday. Engaging activity for tables recommended. Perks also include:

  • Item in the swag bag each registered ticket holder receives
  • One complimentary tickets
  • Company logo on swag bag

Swag Bag Sponsor 

Put a piece of swag (promoted gear or logoed item) into the swag bags received by each registered ticket holder.Perks also include:

  • Company logo on swag bag

Images taken of Jimmy Keithley of Outlook Window Cleaning by Jon Vickers