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IPC Eagle HydroTube Cart WaterFed® Pure Water System

$1,625.00 $1,595.00
You save: $30.00


IPC Eagle

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IPC Eagle HydroTube Cart Pure Water System

The IPC Eagle HydroTube Cart Pure Water Cart, at 28lbs, is one of the lightest weighing carts available. This RO DI system can produce almost a gallon of purified water per minute based on water hardness. The cost of a gallon of purified water is $0.030. 

This WFP System is an ideal solution for window cleaning professionals entering into pure water window cleaning. The HydroTube Cart is perfect for one person. It is best for frequent use cleaning 1-3 stories without needing a pump, or for areas with very low TDS. However, adding a pump gives the cart additional power. The HydroTube includes 50 feet of industrial-strength hose that allows the window cleaner to stay mobile. 



  1. 57"H x 13”W x 11”D - 28lbs
  2. DI RO Filter System.
  3. 50' Hose Reel.
  4. Easily Change Filters.





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