Unihandle Unihandle Unihandle
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IPC Unihandle Squeegee Handle

$34.00 $31.30
You save: $2.70

SKU: IMPU70200

IPC Eagle

Available at the end of October


The IPC Unihandle acts as a handle for a channel, a scraper, and a micro fiber pad. The all in one handle is the only of it's kind to have be (patent pending) universally compatible with most channels. The sleek handle allows for fluid movement of rotation, up to 180 °. The IPC, known for quality products, makes this specific handle in Italy and imports it to the states. If you're looking for the window cleaners "multi purpose" tool, this is the handle for you.


Key Features:

  • Multi-functional: channel; scraper; double-face microfiber pad
  • Universal: the (patent pending) head is compatible with most channels and telescopic poles on the market.
  • Exclusive pivoting system: fluid movement of rotation - free (up to +/- 180 °) or limited (up to +/- 150 °) - which guarantees speed and efficiency.
  • Rotation locking: it is possible to stop the rotation movement in 5 different angular positions (0 °; +/- 45 °; +/- 90 °).
  • Extra-wide adaptable angle: it allows the tool to be adjusted according to cleaning needs or your preferences (-20 °; -5 ° ; 10 °; 25 °; 40 °; 55 °;70 °).
  • Ergonomic: unique design for maximum comfort
  • Made in Italy: high quality materials

This product includes only the Unihandle handle, to get the entire setup, click here


IPC Unihandle Complete: TERG7020[x]

Replacement Clips: CLIP7000[x]

Replacement Sleeves:VELL702[x]

Replacement Channels: SUPP7030[x]

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