Kit -- Sprinkler & Mineral Deposit Problems
$39.00 $38.22
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Kit -- Sprinkler & Mineral Deposit Problems

$39.00 $38.22
You save: $0.78




Effective in Many Situations




  • Shower Glass
  • Sprinkler Problems
  • Masonry Run-Off
  • Ocean Spray Problems
  • Windows around Hot Tubs
  • Windows at the Car Wash
  • Mineral Deposit and Stain Removal

Kit includes:

  1. One bottle of abc Water Stain Remover (32 fluid oz). (more info.)
  2. 5 - 1" White pads. (more info.)
  3. One Handheld Pad holder. (more info.)


If your situation is difficult then please call in a professional window cleaning company


abc cannot be held liable for free advice. abc cannot be held liable for any damage caused by use or misuse of these products.


Test an inconspicuous area before using on every piece of glass.
* Scratched glass and stain removal are two areas to be very careful.
* Window cleaners spend many thousands of dollars paying for someone else's mistake.
* The window may already be scratched or damaged but you couldn't tell until you remove the outer deposits and dirt.
* Generally stay away from coated surfaces and films.
* Some windows need replacing before you even show up.
Glass Replacement may be the final solution.



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