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Ladder -- Metallic - Top Piece - Vee Groove - 6'

$250.00 $219.00
You save: $31.00


Metallic Ladders




Metallic Ladder's 6 Foot Sections are preferred by window cleaners. Base sections are flared for added stability.

Slip resistant material at bottom of the base comes standard. Remember that you lose one foot at each connection so subtract from unassembled length to determine total assembled length. For instance ... four 6' sections have three joints and a assembled length of 21'.

Metallic Notice:  Total Assembled Length of Sections Not to Exceed 21'


Metallic Notice:  Metallic Ladder Mfg. Corp. neither prohibits, nor endorses the use of any specific accessories on our products.  Any use of an accessory is the decion of the user.  In the event that an accessory is used, it is to be used only in accordance with the instructions provided by the accessory manufacturer.  Specific questions regarding accessory applications are to be directed to the accessory manufactuer. 



4 Reviews

Doug 6th Nov 2020

Section Ladders

Been using this ladders for 40 years no complains. I do recommend this ladders and they are durable for years to come.

James brown 2nd Jul 2020

section ladders

if you clean windows these are the ladders to use . your prices beat every place in America it's only 10 or 15 dollars but buy 4 pcs. and it's 60 bucks shipping was fast and I have no complaints

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