$7.20 - $8.40 $6.95 - $8.00

Moerman Fixed Plastic Premium T-Bar

$7.20 - $8.40 $6.95 - $8.00

SKU: 17xxx-xxT


The Premium plastic T-Bar from Moerman is a wise choice for any application. No-slip grip. Ergonomic handle. Slots for water storage. What's not to like?
  • Length:18 Inches
  • Fits: 18 Inch Sleeve
  • Material: Plastic
  • Movement: Fixed



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1 Review

Kc 3rd Mar 2017

Great 18 inch T-bar

I tested this T-bar next to other 18 inch T-bars and like this one the best. It feels natural and comfortable in hand. P.S. - For some reason the smaller Moerman T-bars feel different than the 18 inch and are not as good.

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