When it comes to washers and squeegees, the possibilities seem endless and with technology evolving, new useful features have been added to update even the most classic tools.

A good squeegee is one that feels smooth, offers control, and saves time. A professional squeegee is made up of a quality handle and the right size channel for the job.

Several different styles of handle are offered for the window cleaner’s convenience. For instance, quick-release handles eliminate the need for additional tools when changing channel sizes.  Another style is the Ledger handle that is slightly angled for an easier reach over lintels and ledges. Saving time is also an important thing to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right squeegee channel. With a slightly larger channel you will use fewer swipes and save precious seconds.

Clipless channels hold the rubber in place without clips by using the handle. The wide body channels are more durable but require different kinds of rubber.

Every window cleaner will develop their own likes and dislikes with window cleaning tools. The best thing to do is try several different styles of handles and channels and see what has the best feel and offers quality while saving time. Your decision will come down to personal preference.