Different Kind of Squeegees / Channels

Clip-Style, Clipless, and Wide Body channels. These three unique options each have benefits, but can also create a great deal of confusion. Understand from the beginning that these are not interchangeable, even though they look extremely similar. READ MORE


What is "WaterFed Cleaning"?

You’ve heard of "WaterFed Technology" and the wonders it can do for your business. Promises of "cleaning twice as fast" and "safer than ever" sound amazing. But, how does it work? READ MORE


Pure Water Cleaning Technique, Tips, and Tricks

Now that you know what WaterFed Technology is, you probably would like to know how to use it efficiently.  ABC has a number of training videos to help you out. READ MORE


Choosing the Right Tools

When it comes to washers and squeegees, the possibilities seem endless and with technology evolving, new useful features have been added to update even the most classic tools. READ MORE


Choosing the Right Washer

A washer consists of a wetting sleeve and a T-bar. There are hundreds of combinations to choose from. Professional window cleaners differ on which characteristics of a sleeve are the most important. READ MORE