A washer consists of a wetting sleeve and a T-bar.

There are hundreds of combinations to choose from. Professional window cleaners differ on which characteristics of a sleeve are the most important. Many value the amount of water that a sleeve can hold and it’s ability to release the water. Some value the abrasive scrubbing power of the sleeve.

With so many choices on our store it’s easy to find the perfect balance of water retention and scrubbing power to suit your needs.

Certain sleeves come reinforced at both ends and are made with sticky tabs inside and out in order to hold the sleeve onto the T-bar. There are also a variety of T-bars offered in different styles to suit every window cleaning need. You can also choose from fixed and swivel T-bars, as well as a variety of materials such as slotted plastic and aluminum. Like most tools, your best option is to try several tools and pick the one that feels best to you.