To learn exactly what pure water or "WaterFed" cleaning is, please read this article. 

ABC's window cleaning expert, Jeff Klass with First Klass Window Cleaning, has been in the industry working with pure water for years.  We have worked with him to film a number of training videos for WaterFed cleaning and more.


The Basics of WaterFed Pole cleaning

A Day on the Job With Jeff Klass: Residential Cleaning

In this series of videos, walk alongside Jeff as he and his crew tackle a massive house with pure water equipment.  Jeff will explain some basic technique as he goes, along with some very helpful tips to deal with some difficult situations.

Part 1: Speed and Quality of WaterFed Poles
Part 2: Cleaning Through Pergolas (Slats) with WaterFed Poles
Part 3: Hydrophobic Glass vs. Hydrophillic Glass
Part 4: Cleaning Multiple Levels Safely with Waterfed Poles
Part 5: Easily Add More Tubing to Your WaterFed Setup on the Fly
Part 6: IPC "RO-Mote" In Use
Part 7: Wrap-Up/Conclusion

Miscellaneous Tips/Tricks

In these videos, Jeff gives miscellaneous advice on how to save time and effort on the job.

Which Hose Produces More Water? 5/16" or 3/8"
The "Magic Key"
Mounting an Auxillary Hose Reel
Keeping Your Hose Neat and Clean
Tackling a Large Commercial Job with Pure Water
Pencil Jets vs. Fan Jets
The "Sideways Scrub"
Cleaning Dormers
Saving Time with The Advantageous Quick-Connect
How to Double-Jet Your Brush
Using a Handbrush
Hose Management/Care
End Plug Modification
Loading a WaterFed Cart Into A Vehicle

Product-Specific Information/Advice

These videos give tips and information on specific waterfed products, all available from abc.

abc Products

abc TS-3000 Enterprise Overview
How the Enterprise Will Change Your Life
abc TS-3000 Enterprise Setup
abc TS-3000 Enterprise powering 2 Poles
Filter Replacement on the Enterprise Cart
abc Modular Carbon Fiber Pole Demonstration
abc Dual DI Cart Demonstration
abc Dual DI Cart - Mounting Your Hose Reel
Filter Replacement on the Dual DI Cart
abc Hog Hair Brush

Other Products

IPC Water Cart Setup and Filter Replacement
IPC Remote Chemical Injector
IPC HydroTube and Booster Out of the Box
IPC HydroTube In Action
Exel NTech Poles Overview
Exel NTech HD Collars
Vikan Handheld Brush