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  • Which System is Best for Your Needs
  • WaterFed® Cleaning Pros and Cons
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WaterFed® Cleaning Pros and Cons

WaterFed cleaning, also known as water-fed pole (WFP) cleaning, cleans windows, building exteriors, and other surfaces using purified water and a long pole with a brush or spray nozzle at the end. Here are some of the pros and cons of this method:


  • Safe for high-rise cleaning: WaterFed cleaning allows cleaning professionals to clean hard-to-reach areas, such as high-rise buildings, without the need for ladders or scaffolding, which can be dangerous.
  • No chemicals required: The use of purified water eliminates the need for chemical cleaners, making this method an eco-friendly option.
  • High-quality cleaning: WaterFed cleaning uses pure water, which is free of minerals and impurities, and it has excellent cleaning properties, leaving surfaces streak-free and spotless.
  • Time and cost-efficient: WaterFed cleaning is a time and cost-efficient method since it requires less workforce, and there is no need to transport and store bulky equipment like ladders and scaffolding.


  • Initial investment: The cost of purchasing the equipment and installation of a water purification system can be expensive.
  • Water availability: WaterFed cleaning requires access to a reliable water source, which can be an issue in some areas.
  • Limited effectiveness: This method may not be suitable for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces, as pure water has a different cleaning power than chemicals.
  • Weather-dependent: WaterFed cleaning may not be possible in rainy or windy conditions, as it can affect the quality of the cleaning and the safety of the cleaning professional.

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