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Topics Covered:

  • DI vs Multi-stage: What's the difference?
  • Educate Curious Clients
  • WaterFed® Safety and Efficiency
  • WaterFed® Techniques: Residential + Commercial; Basic + Advanced


  • Which System is Best for Your Needs
  • WaterFed® Cleaning Pros and Cons
  • When to use it + When to leave it in the truck
  • How to Avoid and/or Solve the most common WaterFed® issues and mistakes

What's the Advantage of a Triple Crown product?


Triple Crown WaterFed® systems from abc are designed, manufactured, and supported in-house. We bring the greatest innovations and significant cost savings, giving you the best systems at the best price.

Wash and Learn


Before Covid happened, Hazen traveled to over 20 states (and Canada) to give his Wash and Learn Educational Presentation. Originally, Wash and Learn started as a hands-on demo where Hazen would assist companies. At the same time, they worked with Triple Crown WaterFed® products to get the feel  of a WaterFed® pole in real life, see what kind of water pressure they can expect from different systems, and other particulars identified only once the system and poles have been purchased. It was a head start to those who purchased WaterFed® because they knew exactly what to expect.


Then Covid happened. Here is the thing, after doing this presentation for so long and having so many conversations with window cleaners, we began to expand the presentation and address topics that were brought up during in-person demos to include tips from users and address common concerns. Since Covid, we have turned that presentation into this webinar. We know from experience that you’ll find it helpful and informative, in person or online.