What are WaterFed® Pole Systems?

WaterFed® pole systems use pure water to effectively clean windows for any building or structure. It has been recognized by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as one of the safest methods of cleaning windows as it eliminates the risks involved with window cleaning from higher than ground-levels. It can provide effective cleaning for windows that reach heights around 90 feet. 

Scrub, Rinse, and That’s it!

Clean Faster, Easier, and Safer with a WaterFed® system. Once you rinse, the water will dry spot-free with no need to squeegee it off. Now you can safely reach 7 story windows from the ground!

Clean Faster and Save Money

Difficult to reach windows are now within your grasp! Work far faster than with ladders and save on expensive lift rentals. No need to subcontract to a high rise crew.

Bid New Jobs

Ever passed on bidding a job because you didn't have a way to reach the windows? Now you can bid 7 story windows and be more competitive than other companies reaching the windows through lifts or rope.

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WaterFed® pole systems use pure water to clean windows effectively. Once dirt has been scrubbed off the windows using the WaterFed® brush, the stream of water from the system rinses the window clean. And because it is purified water, no spots are left on the window when it dries! That means you won't need to squeegee the window off.

Essentially, tap water is directed through a water purification systems, then with a water fed pole (WFP) and brush, window cleaning professionals can brush to clean the window. The design of the equipment helps to scrub away the contaminants from glass while the purified water rinses all the dirt and grime away to leave the window spotless. 

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What Do You Need for WaterFed Pole Cleaning?

A Pure Water Window Cleaning setup has two basic components: A Water-Fed Pole and a Water Purification System.

WaterFed® Pole Systems

WaterFed® Poles are what scrub the window and deliver the pure water. These poles can be 60 feet or more in length and are generally made out of Fiber Glass or Carbon Fiber. These materials are lighter and far more rigid than traditional aluminum extension poles. This allows you to effectively clean high windows from the ground.

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Water Purification System

The pure water system removes all dissolved solids from the water, resulting in pure water that will dry spot free. No matter how often you use the system, how hard your water is, and how high you intend to go, we have systems tailored to your needs. Our WaterFed® experts are on hand to help you select the perfect unit.

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Ready To Get Started?

Getting started with WaterFed® Pole window cleaning is one of the best things you can do for your business! Ready to learn more? Get in touch with us and one of our WaterFed® experts will answer all of your questions and help you find the right equipment for you! Having issues with Waterfed Pole systems? Check out some helpful tips here

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