Phaser Filter DI
Phaser Filter Carbon
Phaser Filter DI
Phaser Filter Carbon
$64.95 - $65.95

Phaser DI and Carbon WaterFed® Replacement Filters

$64.95 - $65.95

SKU: WF2Cxx-x

Triple Crown

Filter Type

Triple Crown Phaser DI and Carbon/Sediment Filters

These new Phaser DI and Carbon/Sediment filters have been created to offer longer filter life. Replacing filters is easy! Simply unscrew the old, discard the housing, and screw on the new (don't over tighten). Cartridge is less messy and much easier and faster to change than a sock.

They are rated for 10,000 gallons (Previously 3,000 gallons).

These new filters also allow for your system to increase the pressure it can run, from 80 PSI to 130 PSI.

Need to Upgrade Your Phaser Filters?

Upgrading is easy! Watch the video below to help you with the transition! 


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