Marx Off Gutter Cleaning Tool
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Pole Accessory -- Gutter Cleaning Tool - Marx Off - Cleaning Applicator - Screw-On to Pole - Each

$21.00 $20.79
You save: $0.21


Marx Off

  • Instructions for attaching lambs wool to applicator included in package
  • Screw applicator onto extendable painter's pole
  • Adjust pole to desired height
  • Dip applicator into bucket of your favorite all purpose cleaner
  • Allow excess chemical a minute to drain off
  • Apply curved part upwards
  • Make slow, long sweeps approximately 10 feet, applying chemical
  • Give adequate time for cleaner to break the bond
  • Reapply chemical with side to side motion and rinse off
  • When finished, rinse applicator thoroughly and store in dry area
  • Applicator is ready for reuse

Replacement Pads (Click Here).

1 Review

9th May 2016


since the pad backing is rigid, you have to push pretty hard to make the brush conform to different gutter shapes..kinda hard to do when you are stretched out 20 plus feet with a pole...not a bad product, but i still find myself relying more on just a big old sponge attached to my extension pole...

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