02041LOOP Ettore SideKick Hip Bucket Replacement Loop and Clip
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Hip Bucket - Ettore - SideKick - Replacement Loop & Clip - 02041LOOP

$8.00 $7.29
You save: $0.71

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Fits newer style Ettore SideKicks. 

Whether your clip has been lost or broken this replacement clip will come in handy. The replacement loop and clip includes both the male and female ends. Will work with the Ettore Side Kick.  

Please be advised that Ettore has redesigned this product as of 04/2010. This loop and clip will only work with the NEW style hip bucket (02041). If you have an older style hip bucket you should either change out the whole part or buy a new hip bucket.  Old style has two holes.  New style has one hole.

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Available Accessories:
2041- Ettore Side Kick

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