RC49023 Spiroll Rope Protector
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Rope Protector -- Spiroll - 24" - Each

$14.00 $13.30
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Effective, economical protection for your stationary ropes. Spiroll® Rope Protectors employ a unique patent pending technology. Rugged polyurethane material wraps snugly around a single rope several times to secure itself anywhere it is placed, and then slides into its desired location. They will not slide down a rope and do not need to be tied off. For use on rope diameters greater than 9.5mm. Made in USA.

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10th Mar 2015

Awesome product

Great for mid descent where you might rub or chafe against an edge or ledge. Anywhere you put it on the rope it stays right there wont slip down or up. I wouldn't use it for the the top hang over ledge with all your weight on it, something a little thicker would be better. But something for mid descent and worried about staying in place is great.

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