Sorbo Quick Silver Wide Body Sorbo Wide Body Squeegee
Sorbo Quick Silver Wide Body
Sorbo Wide Body Squeegee
$8.00 - $28.00 $6.80 - $23.80

Sörbo Quick Silver Clip Style Wide Body T Shaped Aluminum Channel

$8.00 - $28.00 $6.80 - $23.80

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Sörbo Quick Silver Wide Body Clip Style Aluminum Channel

Sörbo Adjustable squeegee with the patented four settings without end plugs. This model is the most durable model with 40 degree angled ends which prevent the tip of the alloy from coming into contact with the frame surrounding the window. The squeegee rubber is secured with two exterior stainless steel end clips. This model is excellent when using the "S Technique" it cleans closer to the frame and into corners because of the 40 degree angle. 

Please note that 5", 6", 8" and 10" have a 90 degree angle and not a 40 degree angle like the other sizes.


Features and Specs

  • Material: aluminum
  • Style: clip
  • Rubber type: T-shaped
  • Body type: Wide
wide-body-icon.jpg New T Rubber Icon Clip icon
Wide Body T-shaped Rubber Clip Style


6 Reviews

Matty G. 19th Jun 2017

The Original

Best channel out there in my opinion. 18 inch is versatile and long enough for most normal sized and large windows. Never streaks or leaves lines of water from the edge.

steve w 19th Nov 2015

A must have

Excellent product. Perfect size (18") for most windows. Sturdy product does a excellent job. Will be adding a larger version to my arsenal.

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