Single Suction Cup Grabber - Stainless Steel
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Suction Cup Grabber - Single - 5" - Stainless Steel Fitting

$46.50 $43.95
You save: $2.55

SKU: A1912-SSI



Now available with stainless steel fittings!

Suction Cup Grabber - Stainless Steel - Single - 5"

Excellent for positioning your bosun chair. Also used for the lifting and moving of heavy weights, storms, etc. Single 5" holds up to 65 pounds, Double 4" holds up to 85 pounds, and Double 5" holds up to 130 pounds. The vacuum created by two cups allows easy lifting of heavy weights with either one or two hands. The suction is broken only when the finger-tip operated release bar is lifted.

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10th Feb 2020

suction cups

work really well

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