Brush-12" Hogs Hair - Fan and Pencil Jets Installed
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Triple Crown 12" Hog's Hair WaterFed® Brush with Fan and Pencil Jets

$88.00 $82.50
You save: $5.50


Triple Crown


The Triple Crown 12 Inch Hogs Hair Brush

This Hog hair Brush features a plastic block to reduce weight. Hog hair bristles are great for scrubbing really dirty windows. Pencil jets and Fan Jets are installed!


  • Any Triple Crown WaterFed® Pole
  • Any pole with German Euro fittings (China or European manufactured) 


 Hog hair brushes shed during their break-in period.

4 Reviews

14th May 2020

Decent brush, needs more hair

Pretty decent, I bought one and got one, if I didn't get the free one I would be more disappointed. Not impressed with the density of hair needs more, the first couple of uses it shed hair like crazy.

27th Mar 2019

Brush is decent, could use more bristles and better fan jets

I suspect I may have just received a slight manufacturing defect with the fan jets on this. Even with good solid water pressure, they basically spray just the same as the pencil jets, little to no fanning effect. They are also not affected by the surrounding boar's hair bristles, as I trimmed those away. ABC offered no resolution to this, besides just suggesting I increase my water pressure even more. I plan to switch out and replace with my own fan jets from other brand brushes that have already proven to work just fine with the amount of pressure I generally work with. Just a slight annoyance, that maybe other consumers will not experience.

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