Triple Crown Silver TRADITIONAL Poles
$90.00 - $210.00 $88.20 - $199.00

Triple Crown Silver TRADITIONAL Poles

$90.00 - $210.00 $88.20 - $199.00

SKU: 7000-S-T-x

Triple Crown


Bring the benefits of WaterFed® Hybrid Poles to your traditional pole work with the Triple Crown Silver TRADITIONAL Pole. These poles are lighter and stiffer than aluminum poles and work with your favorite tapered tools. The pole has options from 8 feet to 35 feet. The collars for this window cleaning pole are adjustable with easy locking mechanisms, which secure the poles at the desired length. Triple Crown Silver TRAD Poles come with a tapered tip that ends in acme threading, and also comes with one acme threaded plastic cone. The poles work with most tapered and threaded tools. Triple Crown poles offer all the replacement parts and accessories you need for window cleaning. Tired of carrying multiple poles? Triple Crown Silver TRADITIONAL Poles are easily converted into WFP poles for maximum diversity and ease of use during a job.    


  1. Acme threaded tip/ also comes with one acme threaded plastic cone
  2. Easy to use clamps
  3. Hybrid Material - bring the benefits of WaterFed® technology to your traditional cleaning
  4. Easily turn pole into a WaterFed® pole at any time



7000-S-T-8 8' 3 1.29 lbs 39.5" 6/10
7000-S-T-12 12' 3 1.74 lbs 56" 6/10
7000-S-T-18 18' 3 2.43 lbs 81.5" 6/10
7000-S-T-24 24' 4 3.42 lbs 83" 6/10
7000-S-T-30 30' 5 4.60 lbs 84.5" 6/10

  *Stiffness is a subjective measure for comparing our poles to each other.


Triple Crown Traditional Pole




Replacement Parts


2 Reviews

12th Feb 2020

A kid in a CANDY STORE

If you want to get EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING, get this pole! I got the 24' to replace my garelick 24 footer because I was tired of buying a new pole every 4-6 months. The telescopic part goes out quickly and in the winter it freezes because it was metal and then you cant get it to tighten in the cold. Anyways This triple crown pole is all you need! At the full length it is stiff no bending and the clamps are so simple and slide easily. I will be ordering an 8footer soon!

7th Nov 2019

This is the carbon fiber trad pole to buy!

First, a great clamp design, really nice grip. The fit and finish is superb. For the price, it CANNOT BE BEAT. I bought a Xero trad (even bought the updated 2.0 clamps) and this Triple Crown Silver Trad pole is light years ahead. Do yourself a favor and get this trad pole. It will be your trusty ally for a very long time!

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