WaterFed ® - Parts - MultiLink Gooseneck - Long

MultiLink Gooseneck - Long
MultiLink Gooseneck - Long



WaterFed ® - Parts - MultiLink Gooseneck - Long

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HiFlo MultiLink Gooseneck by Unger 19 3/4"

Aluminum angle adapter

  • Strong:  Hard anodized aluminum, secure connection.
  • Convenient Brush can be locked in any position through 360 degrees
  • Compatible: Add 2 or more together to create your perfect angle.


Fits Exel XTEL, NTECH Poles

Works with most European style brush

Works with Gardiner Poles

Works with FaceLift Poles

Fits Unger Carbon Tech Poles:  

  • UF5XC
  • UF6XC
  • UF7XC


Fits Unger Advance Waterfed Poles

  • UF52G
  • UF70G
  • UF84G
  • UF1XH

Fits Unger Modular when used with FTGOA Adapter.


Works with:
  • Exel Fiberglass, Hybrids, and Carbon Fiber Waterfed® Poles
  • Unger Telescoping HiFlo Advance Waterfed® Poles
  • Unger Telescoping HiFlo CarbonTec Waterfed® Poles
  • Gardiner SLX & CLX Waterfed® Poles
  • IPC FlipLock II Waterfed® Poles
  • Ettore AquaClean Waterfed® Poles
angle adapter    
Works with most Waterfed® Poles using this type of Adjustable Angle Adapter (European threading).
Works with european threading.
Use this only for deep ledges.  This places a lot of stress on your #1 Section.


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