Double Bend Gooseneck
Double Bend Gooseneck


WaterFed ® - Pole Accessories - Gooseneck - abc - Double Bend - 12"


SKU: WF43612



Reach Over Sills Up to 12"

This abc version is for up to 12" deep sills and ledges.

Aluminum GooseNeck with double bend. High Quality plastic end pieces. Female Euro German end for screwing onto poles with Euro threading. Male Euro end for screwing into European brushes and accessories.

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Innovative Design
gives this gooseneck an unprecedented strength.  By extending the aluminum body through the plastic fitting, the majority of working forces are applied to the end piece of the pole rather than the weaker threaded fitting on the gooseneck.



Still Not Convinced?
Watch this stress-test and see how the gooseneck outperforms a fiberglass pole:

Fits Exel XTEL, NTECH, and Universal Pole

Fits abc Modular Sectional Pole
Fits most European made Poles with German Threading


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