Winsol Awning Care
Winsol Awning Care
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    Chemical - Awning Care - Winsol - Deep Clean

    $51.00 - $193.00 $48.82 - $179.00

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    Awning Appearance Restorer

    Specially formulated blend of active deep cleaning agents to give the maintenance professional the one cleaning tool required to remove the heaviest and most deeply embedded soils. Use Deep Clean to remove tree sap, bird droppings, pollution, and building run-off. Safe and effective for cleaning vinyl and polypropylene awnings. Quickly loosens and removes deeply embedded soils caused from years of neglect and weather.

    Streak Release

    • Removes Deeply Embedded Solis
    • Removes Streaks and Stains
    • Covers About 5- 7,000 Square Feet
    • Restores Beauty to Neglected Awnings
    • Effective on Even the Most Demanding Acrylics


    Do not spray or allow Deep Clean to run or drip. Do not allow Deep Clean to contact auto finishes, plants or animals. Wear protective clothing, gloves and splash goggles.


    Winsol has an excellent information guide for vinyl and fabric awning cleaning,
    sealing and maintenance at



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    Eric K 10th Apr 2014

    Works Well

    Have used this many times and continue to find it effective.

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