656-01 ABC Command All Purpose Cleaner
$18.00 - $70.00 $17.64 - $68.60

Chemical - Degreaser - abc - Command Cleaner/Degreaser

$18.00 - $70.00 $17.64 - $68.60

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All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser



Command will clean just about anything.


Is your next job at Smokers Inn or Grease City? Command will clean just about anything. It removes stubborn soiling from all washable surfaces. Works great as a booster for most window cleaning solutions to remove things like built- up cigar smoke, grease and bird droppings from glass surfaces. Is also a good janitorial cleaner and works great on phones, wash wells, counters, floors and wax removal.

Super Duty, Highly Concentrated

  • Biodegradable - USDA Approved
  • Great on Cigar Smoke
  • Removes Smoke Build-up
  • Loosens bird droppings
  • Average dilution 1 to 4 ounces per gallon of water
  • Pine Fragrance

Use in a Variety of Settings

  • Janitorial
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Restaurants
  • Wall Washing
  • New Construction
  • Residential Cleaning


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