757-32 ABC Glisten
757-32 ABC Glisten
$13.50 - $140.00 $12.75 - $133.00

Chemical - Glass Cleaner - abc - Glisten

$13.50 - $140.00 $12.75 - $133.00

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Our #1 Selling Glass Cleaner!


...with a diluted cost of about 2 ½ cents per gallon  abc Glisten is specially formulated to meet the high standards of professional window cleaners. It is not a watered down version of some other well known products - Glisten is our own special formula.


The Glisten Advantage:


  • Minimal Bleeding
  • Squeegee Moves Faster
  • Instantly Dissolves In Water
  • Excellent Wetting Properties - Penetrates
  • Stays Wet Longer on Hot, Windy Days
  • Reduces Squeegee Drag - Longer Squeegee Life 
  • Biodegradable  - No Phosphates or Ammonia
  • Won't Harm Glass, Plastic, or Metal
  • Kind to Hands - Neutral pH
  • One Gallon makes over 1,000 gallons of solution
  • Anti-Static - Does Not Attract Dirt


Pails are no longer available as of April 2020.

16 Reviews

Rob Young 8th May 2021

Chemical - Glass Cleaner - abc - Glisten

Works great. As good as any other you could compare it too. I like the price as well!

John 26th Apr 2021

Glisten makes glass shine like new

Works like a charm, and a little goes a long way! A great product that makes work much easier!

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