Unger The Pill
Unger The Pill
$54.50 - $252.00 $45.80 - $236.00

Chemical - Glass Cleaner - Unger - The Pill

$54.50 - $252.00 $45.80 - $236.00

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Window Cleaning Tablets


Are your employees pouring your money down the drain? Pre-measured and individually packaged tablets. Low shipping costs. Easy to use. Quickly dissolves helping you to use time efficiently. Eliminates measuring and spilling that is common when using liquid and powder detergents. Easily lifts and removes dirt, grease and tobacco smoke from glass. Composed of organic ingredients, it will not stain or damage woodwork, carpets, fabrics, or chamois. Has a neutral pH factor that is skin friendly, and contains an emollient that softens water and helps prevent chapped hands. Produces a smooth squeegee movement.

Super Concentrated


  • Biodegradable 
  • Doesn't Produce Suds
  • Easy to Carry- Easy to Store
  • One Tablet Makes 2 1/2 Gallons  
  • Mix 1 Part Solution to 100 Parts Water


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