Glass Gleam 4 - Single Gallon
Glass Gleam 4 - Gallon And Quart
Glass Gleam 4 - Single Gallon
Glass Gleam 4 - Gallon And Quart
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Chemical - Titan Labs - Glass Gleam 4 - (Blue in Color) - Gallon

$38.00 $34.20
You save: $3.80

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Titan Labs


GG4 Glass Cleaner Concentrate

  • 1/4 oz. (a capful or two) per Gallon of Water-
    a Dilution Ratio of 1:500
  • Superior Wetting with almost no bleeding
  • Won't Harm Glass, Plastic, or Metal
  • Biodegradable - USDA Approved
  • Blue Color indicator when diluted
  • Reduces Squeegee Drag
  • Not as Concentrated as GG3 but a better degreaser with Excellent Squeegee Slip
  • Earth Friendly Technology

If you are wondering how to measure out 1/4th of an ounce then purchase separately a floater bottle or a bottle with flip-top lid.


Save Money by Using Measuring Bottles




Save Money by Using Measuring Bottles

8-108       8 Ounze Double Neck Floater Bottle

16-116    16 Ounce Double Neck Floater Bottle


GREEN Cleaner - Earth Friendly Technology - 

7 Reviews

3rd Dec 2015

great shine

my customers rave how great the windows look

25th Oct 2014

Great product

I have been using this product for years and I love it. I believe it really does make glass visibly cleaner. I do mostly residential and after I finish, the house is glistening. Like another reviewer said, it seems to not dry as fast in the sun and as you know, there are ALWAYS going to be those windows that are in the sun, it can't be avoided. My customers like the biodegradable aspect and it helps with advertising. Wouldn't even consider using anything else.

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